Game Plan Creative/Tom O'Grady On "Tradition Has A New Home Campaign"

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/02/2014 01:14:00 PM | |
This was first announced back in March with Brett Yormark's comments. A little article/video on 9/2 to show Mr O'Grady. This company has a first class background. Past firms have ranged from Manhattan to Montauk which did win an award under Blumenfeld & Fleming. with better working link to video than twitter link.

NYIFC Comments: So teams relay a lot on their broadcast partners to tell the story for who they are as a franchise? You mean the broadcast partner who hides the New York Islanders product 24/7/365 on television/beyond the legal contract of having to show the games, and then uses it's pay-walled newspaper to spam their own team while giving our fans the bare minimum, then claiming they are mostly irrelevant? The partner who bid even for the Nassau Coliseum to showcase their own brand in their own Msg-Zone? Someone better have a little talk with Mr O'Grady because our partner will not be showing preseason from Barclay's (or anywhere) nor even allowing the people hired by our broadcast partner to mention it during telecasts as our fans discovered a year ago. Even YES Network did a video feature last year.