Snow Fighting For His Future Goes All In Acquires Boychuk, Leddy/Ho-Sang ELC/Roster Cuts

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I did write it's never been a busier time.


NYIFC Comments:
Obviously it's win now or go home for Garth Snow who's successor will not have many draft picks. Snow traded with teams who had to trade and used the system to his advantage.

Brennan gone after signing him in July and no doubt he has every right to be very angry with his agent.

Pokka gone, with a slew of draft picks, the price for one likely rental was not cheap.

Without a doubt Snow improved his 2014-15 defense today. I know Friday was preseason but his team looked completely lost and were dominated and that included Tavares and Okposo. 

New York keeps Nick Leddy because he's an RFA. Boychuk has a year to learn to love it here or moves at the trade deadline.

Anders Nilsson's rights gone. 

Ho-Sang got his ELC early.

Chemistry does not happen on paper, it's going to take some time, but the idea of hoping deHaan stayed healthy with Visnovsky or were going to step back into the top four at their best is just not the history here. These injuries always linger. 

Is Snow done? He has more players to move to get under the limit. Maybe he goes in for a first line left wing?

Hopefully our new players want to be part of this.