New York Cannot Hide From Increasing Problems

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/06/2014 02:08:00 PM |
Updated: New York vs Kings That's the kind of defense, penalty kill, skating, and goaltending it takes to win in this league. First time all season.

This is what I have been waiting for.

Even if they lost the skills competition (Nielsen vs Western conference=advantage NYI) that's the kind of work it will take to go with developing/acquiring true first line left wing.

I have little to add since my last entry after the Dallas game, it's played out exactly as expected with reality settling in.

Bottom line this team is simply not good enough without a true first line left wing, and forwards who can win pucks, play better defense, and produce.

And the penalty kill is a disaster.

It's nice the Islanders got a favorable bounce for what is only John Tavares second even strength goal of the season, that Kyle Okposo again used his power move (as in San Jose) to the middle for the man advantage 2-0 goal, and another Tavares powerplay shot from long distance beat a struggling Anaheim goalie to win one game in overtime against an injured team.

More importantly Jaroslav Halak is giving his team better goaltending for the moment.

Still the glaring problems remain as options have been exhausted, the schedule is only going to get harder.

Other teams make a push, the New York Islanders do not push back or show any ability to play a sixty minute game. Our team does not seem capable of any push at their opposition.

Something has to give. It could be the coach eventually but most of this comes down to the construction of this roster by the general manager.

Replacing Vanek's 44 points in 47 games with Conacher/someone not a first line player is beyond coaching.

This team is painfully weak at five on five scoring=player career resume=general manager.

The penalty kill is awful and desperately needs changes=coaching staff.

There are too many players who simply cannot score on this roster or not progressing:  Martin, Cizikas, Conacher, Kulemin, Strome. Clutterbuck has his goal vs Boston=players/coaching.

Career center Grabovski not playing center at 20m dollars=Coaching.

Wanting drafted center Nelson to play his natural position, not wing=Smart coaching.

Seven drafted or career centers/four spots.
#91, 51, 12, 84, 53, 29, 18=Management.

Lack of size/physical scoring wingers=General manger. 

Jack Capuano has no first line left wing who can produce, and down to Kulemin, who's not the answer in terms of career production, he's given everyone else a look which is all the coach can do. 

Ryan Strome has not improved at all in the corners, is very easy to knock off the puck, and does not use his speed/skill often enough. He has a few nice assists early but is mostly a non-factor in games with no sign of showing any progression.

Anders Lee needs one set spot=coaching.

What should work better? Defense if the goaltending is there. The defense is at full strength but this is a five man equation, and the forwards/centers are not physically strong to where as a group they win pucks.

Hope I'm wrong, but nothing I have seen (beyond defense contributing in offensive zone) has been encouraging and no, Johnny Boychuk/Nick Leddy are not 1/2 defenders or players expected to score beyond their career numbers.

No folks, a coaching change does not make kids or third line forwards, first line players or make them grow up faster.

No incoming coach fixes these issues.