New York Learning To Win Now For Later

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/25/2014 01:21:00 AM |
There is a lot to be happy about, the scoring is balanced, and there are players due for a few goals, everyone is giving them something. 

Later can come any time, next week, month, or in March when this team will have to break out of a slump/losing streak.

That's when we see if this team has learned something here because you can't peak in November or March.

For now some solid positive signs. 

Look at it in five game segments as coaches like Pat Quinn and Al Arbour used to say.

For now this club keeps learning how to win long term as many clubs have in this league, there are reasons we see the same teams in the playoffs every year that go beyond front-loading corporate contracts.

It's something that this organization must become for the players here now, and the ones in the system coming in the future, otherwise it's just one nice November in another forgettable year like many where this team dominated at times after they were well out of contention.

Nothing was learned that carried over to the next season from that success despite the talk from management and the players. 

Now we see if something has been learned? 

Losing games with two goal leads became a habit, now taking over games in the third period has to become the habit.

They still need something to happen for John Tavares, whether it be outside or inside the organization to spark his five on five play because that's what Stanley Cup contenders need.

He's still on his eighty point pace. 

Brock Nelson has looked like a special player and has since day one of this season. Just leave everyone in one position, and let then keep developing. 

Despite Halak's play, there have been too many moments like the first goal against Pittsburgh, beyond that it's coming together for him, and the defense is giving him the low percentage shots against. 

Skills competition wins/losses, keep getting games to overtime and banking points.

Too many of these shootouts are treated like regulation wins/losses by far too many folks.

It's going to take 97 points/15-17 games over likely to even qualify, but that's down the road. 

A lot more to learn but for now this team is learning.

We'll see where it is in twenty days or so here, but for those watching judge it in five game segments of hockey.