Video October 15 2014: Ratner Talks Coliseum, Confronted By Question Demanding NYI Stay/Replace Coliseum

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No pulling punches or fluff, Bruce Ratner on video taking very hard questions on Islanders, Coliseum with his plans which includes AHL. I would not waste our time otherwise posting it.

One person stands up and on video tells Ratner no one will go to Brooklyn, he should build a new Coliseum and change his mind about relocating, that only forty people bought ticket plans, and in five years team will relocate out of market. 

The video is edited to fourteen minutes by myself for the content hockey fans would be interested in. Around seven minute mark Ratner faces the fan question above.

A standing room only crowd filled a ballroom at the Carltun in Eisenhower Park October 15th to hear Developer Bruce Ratner talk about the art of networking, the power of persistence, and the status of the Nassau Coliseum project. Ratner was the featured guest at the WCBS Small Business Breakfast presented by SCNB and hosted by WCBS Morning Business Anchor Joe Connolly from the Wall Street Journal. At the session at the Carltun, Bruce Ratner talked about small businesses being the life blood of local economies. And while he talked about the benefits of “big dreams,” he counseled the crowd on keeping those dreams reasonable. Below is the replay of the entire WCBS Newsradio 880 Small Business Breakfast.

Complete Event on Video (One Hour, Twelve Minutes)