What's Next For New York? More Games

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/18/2014 02:21:00 PM |
Not a great deal new to be written here.

The work is just getting started for our 12-10 (without overtime/shootouts) New York Islanders.

There will be more wins, losses, and of course injuries as players come/go off IR.

Key is stay away from regulation losses. 

Donovan/Reinhart in his call-up sent a good message moving forward as future replacements for Boychuk and Visnovsky if they cannot be resigned. 

Nothing resembling a top six in Bridgeport at forward available.

The 30th ranked pk is going to have to be fixed with the backup goaltender issue. Halak's been excellent and that will have to continue.

Capuano will keep trying to find someone who clicks on the top line, everyone has gotten a chance but there is no true fit currently in organization.

For this team to continue to progress it's top players have to carry them because it's going to take a lot more than Clutterbuck, Martin goals long-term which is the only reason this team is not working on a five game losing streak, who were outworked by the exhausted Devils.

It's going to take fifteen games over five hundred to qualify or at least 95 points. This is like the west now but with sixteen teams so even more competition.

Columbus, Florida, Buffalo are making their charge, Philadelphia will not go away quietly. Washington is getting their points, the Wings are a very good team, Toronto is red-hot. The Pens keep finding ways to win, the Rangers have a very friendly schedule filled with long breaks and tired teams coming to play them at home.

Simply put this team must continue winning and make a run at twenty games over five hundred. Any fallback and they will become a bubble playoff team.