New York Notables/Short Version

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/19/2015 04:03:00 PM |
We'll see.

That's my answer to virtually every question related to New York as they move into a new facility, same with their pending RFA/UFA at all levels.

Lee is going to want big money, and there is no one close with his hands/size/skills, Okopso even bigger money next summer. 

Same for Bridgeport/AHL future, and with a new ECHL affiliate needed. 

Same for the Coliseum/Ratner/Mangano/Murray vs Dolan/Newsday/News12LI.
Or is that Coliseum/Ratner/Mangano vs Murray/Dolan/Newsday/News12LI?

And for Wang/Ledecky/Malkin.

There will be some roster changes.

Anyone telling you a team is a lock for a playoff spot next season did not follow the defending champion Kings or Boston. It takes an excellent season just to qualify, and it will only be getting tougher. This is no longer a twenty one team league where sixteen teams qualify.

The one positive thing I can write for now is this organization is far ahead of where it was in 2013 defensively simply because they have most of their defense under contract long-term in Boychuk, Leddy, Hamonic.
This is not summer 2013 where they lost Streit, and obviously were looking to replace Nabokov.

Beyond that, we'll see.