Part II: How Hard Will Dolan's Media/Newsday Work To Defeat Ratner Coliseum?

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/13/2015 12:02:00 PM |
Let's be clear the last thing New York Islander fans want to see is a Ranger logo in an Msg renovated Coliseum with a Long Island Ranger AHL hockey team. (which could still happen)

That's very bad for the New York Islanders, our fan base, and the team's future business which is why this is being addressed here again.

This is what Dolan's idea of a transformation was for the Nassau Coliseum in 2013. 

The latest attack editorial from Dolan's Newsday is comical, and entirely expected. This game will continue, same as it did to defeat the referendum which was the last chance for Charles Wang to keep the Islanders at the Nassau Coliseum, and opened the door for Dolan to bid for the Coliseum.

No doubt it's being done to influence Kate Murray/TOH board on 5/19 during the public comment period which is really the best chance left to defeat Ratner's plan so Dolan can jump back in.

Expect to see some front page headlines. 

Anything think Dolan is going to approve Ratner allowing the Islanders to play regular season games in Ratner's Coliseum when he's done renovating? If the league/Dolan do not approve of the Isles having a second NHL arena, that will cost Ratner a million dollars per year.

Dolan made no promise to include any chance of the New York Islanders ever playing in the Nassau Coliseum ever again, his bid included a Long-Island Live/Msg-Zone with a Ranger themed sports bar in the first drafts before they claimed the promise of some Islander memorabilia.

And the Msg bid promised Ranger home games/practices during preseason at his Nassau Coliseum, despite Nassau remaining part of the New York Islanders territorial rights. 

This idea that Dolan offered something transformative for that site or far better than Ratner is insulting, his bid is part of the public record.

Mangano beat Dolan's guy Suozzi on election day. 

No bid was possible that renovated the Coliseum to a point where it would make the necessary revenue to support an NHL team feasible. All bids only included a downsized arena with retail in the walk of champions area, and development directly around  the Coliseum exterior.  (NYIFC put up the map to many times to show what Ratner was building)

Some things proposed do differ from Ratner's original plan but do not involve him at all. 
Let's get real on this latest smear campaign from Dolan's editorial board because Mangano's committee made it very clear what was offered by both NEC Ratner/Dolan in their bid, and why Ratner won.

Again here are the documents from 9/20/2013 on why Dolan lost from the Office Of Legislative Budget Review with the names of Mangano's financial advisory committee. 

Final two pages:

1: Dolan promised less overall revenue.
2: Dolan wanted more tax exemptions than Ratner (same as he receives now on the Cablevision Garden) on both the Coliseum and the plaza. (Ratner only wanted an exemption on the Coliseum)
3: Dolan indicated Msg required IDA financing, same as Ratner.
4: Dolan wanted control of all future real estate development, something Ratner did not ask for in his bid, and Wang did not get in 2013.
4: Dolan promised his WNBA team (that now includes Isiah Thomas) and his AHL team to go with Ranger preseason games. 

The ridiculous notion from Dolan's Newsday editorial board (again) that they promised anything transformative on that site vs Ratner's bid is a flat out lie.

Bottom line Dolan offered nothing to keep the New York Islanders on that site in any way. 

For now it's the same game from Dolan/Msg/Cablevision/Newsday  same as 2011. And again Don Monti is the master developer of the HUB for those wondering about the rest of the site acreage.

Mr Monti supported Dolan's plan but had no issues with NEC Ratner when it was selected Long Island Association/LI Business News 8/15/2013

Ratner's bid like Dolan's was to build only in the walk of champions area, and around the Coliseum's exterior, a very small area, hardly a transformation of the entire site.

But for Dolan/Cablevision/Newsday/News12 LI, Msg, their bid did not win, and are very poor losers. 

What will be interesting to see is what Dolan's friend in Albany (Andrew Cuomo) can do to withhold state funds for the site?

Mr Cuomo sure will not allow any vote to take away the only private company in the entire state of NY  from paying property taxes since 1982.

We all know that will never be in any Newsday editorial.

Mr Mangano, still happy you did not lock the door with Wang in 2013 like all the other politicians did, and do a deal for a new Coliseum like every other team received, instead of playing the will of the people card to take yourself off the hook?

So here is the latest all too familiar ploy, expect a steady diet of them moving forward.