Prospect Mini Camp 7/7 At Twin Rinks

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/19/2015 05:47:00 PM |
That would be the Ferraro brothers Twin Rinks in bankruptcy from my recent entry that is remaining open as Nassau County looks for a qualified buyer with experience before an auction.

#isles @TwinRinksLI @NYIslanders Would hardly be a surprise if Wang-Mangano are negotiating to buy lease out of bankruptcy from Ferraro's.
For what it's worth the Islanders website has never had a single release of anything at Twin Rinks since it's opening to the best of my knowledge/research. 

The prospect game is at Barclay's on July 8th, that is usually the final event of camp which runs about a week so the 7/7 starting date is a bit questionable.

Would seem a bit odd to hold camp at Iceworks & Twin Rinks, but I guess anything is possible. The openings at forward in Bridgeport suggest a lot of invites, many which could be local prospects.

One year the prospect camp game was at Iceworks which holds about 250 people.

Islanders website did announce Matt Martin's August youth hockey camp at Twin Rinks 6/19/15, that could have been scheduled long in advance, and is on Martin's personal website which says his camps are all over North America.

Mr Martin has hosted events at Iceworks, and Cantiague Park with kids in 2011, among his many generous endeavors.