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New York Islander Fan Central | 6/26/2015 07:20:00 AM |
I intend to write entries during the Islanders draft picks, linking to professional information about the teams selections on Saturday morning, perhaps Friday if something happens. 

No interest in trade gossip, many need it for attention or to earn a paycheck.

We will know when we know, very simple.

When it's over the prospect blog will be updated with the new picks.

Qualifying offers are due 6/30 so we'll see where Kevin Poulin, Kevin Czuczman/others stand. The players have until 7/15 to accept them if they do they are signed, if not, they have to negotiate, sit out or sign in Europe.

Players who choose arbitration will have a contract at some future point.

Those given an offer on 6/30 remain New York Islander property which could include Johan Sundstrom/John Persson (who already signed in Europe) with the many players (Koskinen/Ullstrom) who the team retains NHL rights to. 
The Islanders got another terrible schedule where they get no rest for two months, and a seven game road trip, while the other local team got no road trips longer than three games packed with rest.

Please stop writing it balances out over 82 games, it did not last year, and was a factor in this team wearing down. 

No, our fan base is not entitled to a monopoly on Saturday home games, fans of other teams deserve them too, and it seems the league has carried our franchise for years in this department.

Funny reading our fans who refuse to ever visit Barclay's complain the Islanders schedule interferes with football games, and their trips to New Jersey.
It's fascinating to me we can all look in any NHL media directory, and learn the private e-mail addresses, home/cell numbers of almost every NHL writer/employee. (and in some cases where they live)

But we cannot find out who is allowed to vote for NHL awards or what players they selected on their ballot?

Please do not tell me some of this is not market driven or who has more newspaper writers covering one team (or votes) to say nothing of the one NHL team who's only full-time paper (generous term) is owned by another NHL team giving them token coverage with no columns, aside from the Rangers beatwriter, Steve Zipay.

Sure would be fun to see if Boychuk ever went head to head for the Norris with Staal to see how objective Zipay can be? 

Wonder why Mr Staple?