Trent Klatt, Mathew Barzal & Anthony Beauvillier Comments

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Islanders website: Has comments from Trent Klatt, Matthew Barzal and Anthony Beauvillier

“It’s much better for the organization to walk out of the draft with the players they want,” Islanders Head Amateur Scout Trent Klatt said. “If you identify somebody you like, why not make the move to get him.”

"We weren't going to do the deal unless Barzal was there," Klatt said. "It was only because he was available that we did the deal. I wouldn't have thought he was even an option at 10 o clock this morning."

“I’m so excited to be an Islander today,” Barzal said. “To go to a team that’s already a Cup contender is pretty crazy. I’ll drop a few spots in the draft any day to go to a team that’s a Cup contender.”

On Anthony Beauvillier: 

“Could he have been there at 33? I don’t know, but why not get a guy you like and walk out with two guys you really wanted,” Klatt said.

“He’s another kid that has skill and hockey sense up the waz-zoo,” Klatt said. “He’s a terrific kid, a terrific character player.”

“I’m very excited. The feelings are incredible,” Beauvillier said with a smile.

NYIFC Comments:  
My comments last night and on twitter make clear what I think. 

The Islanders never interviewed or spoke to Barzal before drafting him here.

Nothing personal against these kids, no doubt they are good prospects, but you do not trade a 4th overall pick after playing only eight NHL games, then replace him with someone you never have a conversation with.

You give Reinhart a roster spot like the five defenders taken after him, and let him grow into a good NHL player, they put a lot of time, effort, and money into Reinhart.

I get Boychuk/Leddy changes things, and they have Pullock but depth goes fast, and this did nothing to improve the current NHL roster.

These kids will take years and be fighting with Dal Colle/Ho-Sang, and others for jobs here.

Another top five pick gone, it took a miserable season to get that fourth overall pick.

Ok. we move on, let the people claiming the Islanders are winners do their thing, to me this is a big loss.