Wang & Snow In Bridgeport 6/13/15

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NYIFC Comments:
Fascinating/shocked to see this on Bridgeport Mayor, Bill Finch's twitter, RT by Sound Tigers today.

I was wondering why Garth Snow was not in Missouri? 

It does not give the impression of a man about to move the Sound Tigers to Nassau for another professional league per its lease agreement? No, the Sound Tigers need about ten forwards to complete a lineup, and finish last again. 

My long experience at doing this means an announcement is coming, or someone's going to do something that blindsides the other (especially the fans) in the near future which contradicts that image.

For a lame duck majority owner entering his final season Charles Wang has been very active. I don't think Bridgeport gave him any real estate for a man who's never gotten an acre for owning any sports team, despite spending hundreds of millions on players or renovating facilities he does not own.

Wang's sole agreement with the city of Bridgeport is to manage Webster Bank Arena until 2021, there is no Sound Tigers lease with Bridgeport, and there has never been one as was documented here this week.

Ratner, Ledecky, Malkin? 
I made a promise to my readers years ago that I would be dead last, and a hundred percent correct in posting information here regarding signings at this website.

Despite appearing correct about Petrov's eventual signing, I wrote he signed on 6/1/15 off reading professional newspaper information in Russian which included the terms of his contract.

That was not correct at the time and I wish to apologize to my readers.

My intentions were honest, same as with reading team officials discuss Sundstrom was signing with Frolunda the next day, and why it was posted here before the release.