Yormark Comments Seem To Contradict Ratner's Lease

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/26/2015 08:43:00 AM |
On 8/9/13 the official lease agreement for the Nassau Coliseum was agreed to and signed by Bruce Ratner. The terms regarding an AHL team are on page 24.
On 9/20/13 Nassau County reviewed Bruce Ratner's final lease agreement. Page 2 makes clear an AHL team will serve as the Coliseum's anchor tenant.
So why is Brett Yormark giving the impression  that he does not need a core tenant at the Nassau Coliseum on 8/5/15 comparing the Coliseum to the O2 in London? 
NYIFC Comments: What is Mr Yormark talking about?  "We might have some minor league sports", his employer has a signed lease agreement that mandates an AHL team as anchor tenant until 2028......


He can do his attempted Brooklynising all he likes which has failed with the Nets, and will never be accepted by the NEW YORK Islander fans which had forty percent of it's season tickets come from inside the NYC limits in July 2011.

And yes, I found a mild Brooklyn chant during one game at Msg on 1/24/14 so I was wrong about that past statement of never hearing one cheer for the Nets. 

For now Mr Ratner's late on his mid-August groundbreaking with no announced date. Ratner owes Prokhorov 31 million dollars per the SEC and that deadline has been pushed back already twice to 9/8.

Mr Yormark is not announcing a ground breaking date. 

Is it possible Nassau let's this go through with no hockey team or anchor tenant? Not if the paper work means anything it's printed on.

I'm well aware of Mr Ratner board ties (also in Brooklyn) to Sloan Kettering. That's a huge deal separate of the money being put in by NEC/Ratner for the Coliseum bringing in over a hundred and forty million dollars (construction) so you can bet Mangano has no issue (at Joel's concert with Cuomo) who likely is providing state funds for a future parking garage which will bring even more development.  

Did it change the Coliseum anchor tenant agreement is the big question which is 40 hockey games for an AHL team?

Let's compare the Sound Tigers revenue vs 140 million dollars in construction for Sloan Kettering?