New York/Bridgeport Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/17/2015 01:51:00 PM |
I'm happy the team's preseason is finally over. Those early regular season games were the full squad games they should have played against Washington, in my view was a mistake because it's not what other NHL teams do, nor has Capuano done in past seasons.

They are very lucky to be at 2-1-1, but they have the talent here to win games unlike past teams.

The rust is off (not Halak/Hickey) but the chemistry should develop.

Any NHL team can beat another, and we will see the trends take shape for the 2015-16 team.
Not a fan of drafted center Brock Nelson being converted to right wing after a full season of letting him play center after he started as a left wing. We saw this plan with Bailey/Comeau, and despite moderate success at times it never helped elevate either players game.

But then I would ask why sign career center Grabovski, and never let him play center here last season as he played wing. (getting two concussions)

Not easy or perfect. 

Between Bernier sitting with his sixteen goals, Petrov, Quine, and others in Bridgeport waiting for a chance, that's a lot of money for clearly lacking ITV video/radio coverage to let Eric Boulton mentor this team on IR.

Boulton still has hands/skills, and can contribute to an NHL team, but this is not the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 New York Islanders which is why Keith Aucoin or Colin McDonald is no longer here.

In 2015-16 he should simply be in a role with the staff.
Greiss was very solid, so was Johnson against Boston/Los Angeles last year. Ultimately if Halak does his job it will come down to how Greiss plays when sitting for over a week.
Love how Okposo held the puck before scoring against Nashville, and picked a corner. That's what top scoring forwards do, and will determine what management does in terms of UFA.

He has to produce, simple as that whether it be with Tavares or another line. 
Have always been a defender of Brian Strait, he simply handed over the puck on the first goal against Nashville as soon as the pressure came which directly led to the first goal against. It almost seems like he is not in his natural position because his reads/reaction are not good/regressing since his arrival.

His skating, speed, ability to move puck is why he is here.

No, Ryan Pulock, does not play that side of the ice, and is not getting a call unless one of the very durable defenders who play his side are injured.

Zidlicky played 84 games last season, 81 the year before, and Capuano is using him on the powerplay.
I do not believe Matt Donovan clears waivers last season.
What do you want me to write about attendance I have not written forever beyond Mr Yormark should stop selling Brooklyn, and start marketing Barclay's center in New York City?

The Ranger media jumped all over his Brooklyn narrative to avoid NY branding, same as media did Long Island narrative which keeps fans from supporting a New York team, it's done nothing but cost this team fans/revenue/ticket sales.

No doubt, it's good for relations with Msg for Yormark to market Brooklyn.

Everyone since 1972 bears responsibility from Roy Boe/Bill Torrey/alumni/John Pickett/Charles Wang.

It's nice for me to go point out Charles Wang said on 7/26/11 forty percent of his season ticket base comes from NYC, but if the total full/partial season tickets come to around 7,000 total or less most years that's not a lot of people no matter how how you slice it. 

One more time 10+ other teams in NY/NJ (even Cosmos at Hofstra) all marketing NYC cannot be wrong nor can all the Islander fans at Msg/Newark for games.

Guess the Long Island fans (without baseball playoffs in Bronx/Queens) were not feeling too nostalgic early last season which sadly was an improvement compared to many previous seasons. 

Not a fan of the pregame policy, and as always Mr Yormark's people skills leave a great deal to be desired (same as his brother Michael Yormark who acted the same with Florida Panthers) but need to know a little more about this in other NHL facilities in 2015-16, and if the league is encouraging changes?

In 80 years it took one kid to get hit with a puck, who died to put nets in all NHL facilities permanently.
Thrilled for Bridgeport fans, hope their start continues, but in terms of players who are top picks expected to become NHL forwards on current roster? No, most have moved around often or low draft picks.

Is Charles Wang going to celebrate the Sound Tigers 15th season by announcing they are leaving?
All we know regarding the Coliseum is it's supposed to re-open fully renovated in December 2016, and an AHL team anchor tenant is part of that agreement.
Ok. More games.