New York Notables: Status Quo

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/11/2015 10:04:00 AM |
All that matters is point total/standings. We all learned the lessons of December 2014 were not enough come playoff time.

2014-15 is long gone, this team has a different personality, better in some ways/worse in others. 

6-0-2 is very nice (necessary/must continue to remain in mix) I see some signs this team is attempting to convert to a defensive strategy like many of the divisional counterparts where they have low maintenance 2-1 wins, but it's been more about the goaltending than the team defense. 

And the goalies are paid to steal a few which Halak did in Philadelphia, who are playing well.

They still lose leads in third periods far too often to write I'm seeing true progress. Sure the refs robbed them in Ottawa but that happens. 

One thing for sure it does not reflect a disciplined team when you take bench minors in overtime because you cannot change properly.

Beyond that, given this teams shootout success no issue playing 3/3 very conservative.

Honestly folks what would you have me write about the many, many peripheral subjects?

I seriously doubt anyone with ownership stakes in Barclays, Nets or Coliseum today will be here past two years or many of the people working for them now.

Someone has to pay the new Islander majority owners their lease money, who have a huge wave of home grown free agents to resign next summer. We have no clue what they will do.

The Nassau Coliseum re-opens 12/10/16 per it's scheduled events, it will never host an NHL hockey team full time again.