Capuano Comments After Kings Win Spot On

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/12/2016 07:06:00 AM |
As I have written many times it's about building a team that can beat the best teams when the opposition plays well or get's great goaltending.

Our fans saw that last season many times against top teams. Other coaches did not throw out token praise about how fast that team skated or how hard it was to play against.

We all know this season reflects the opposite.

Between Washington, Florida, Boston, Detroit, Pittsburgh (one game) & Montreal (earlier), the Islanders most of those games looked over-matched.

Even when winning many games the goaltending on the other side was terrible. IE: (Dallas/Columbus at Barclay's/Edmonton) or Halak/Greiss (Nashville) stole the game.

The Kings are a very good team coming off 9-2 win. Jonas Enroth did not play well, the Islanders did do a good job defensively/with their special teams. At least it was not one of those 40 shot against games.

I can see why Capuano was not happy, no smart coach would be. He wanted a sixty minute game from his tired team, the kind they must play to have any chance at a playoff spot.

Do not want to go back to Al Arbour days but the best coaches always are hardest in their criticism after wins to the (insert joke) media the New York Islanders have in 2016 because they know what it will take to beat top teams playing well.

Capuano angers fans by praising/protecting his team after losses where they do not play well.

It's a balancing act, there are times to be critical vs a pat on the back. 

What's said behind closed doors reflects the real truth.

Jack Capuano was spot on in his criticism after the Kings game. To overcome this impossible schedule with no rest & qualify for a playoff spot, this team must raise it's game to a level not seen this season, since day one this team has not done that.

You know where I stand on this based on my entries all season about the overall play.

Other teams did not draw this schedule, and the Islanders have struggle when rested.

This 2015-16 Islanders also have not been the excellent road team of many past (even losing) seasons, very soon they will be on the road beyond two cameo's for over a month. 

 I hope I'm wrong.