Finish 19 games over or no playoffs/Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/14/2016 09:10:00 AM |
It seems even tougher than last season, all the bubble teams rarely seem to lose in regulation.

I have been writing about Carolina for a long time being in the mix who rarely have a bad game.

Tampa is not going away, Montreal is showing signs, Boston get's their points, and Devils are using Rangers five man goalie unit in front of Schneider for the 2-1 game, they are only getting better as are their prospects.

The Wings always seem to get their points.
28 games to play nine over five hundred with no rest, living on the road for a month. An Islander team that has not won against top teams most games this season.

This is also without any set first line wingers for Tavares as Grabovski has played well but is not a winger or a reliable scorer who does not belong on a first line. Josh Bailey has not proven reliable as a scorer.

What's been better is with Boychuk's return, Leddy is again paired with him for really the first time since very early in the season.
Mr Yormark wrote on twitter "it was not true the (organ) song was banned, and that fans will hear it Monday."

I have no idea what music Mr Cartier was responding about, nor would I waste his or my time on this any longer. Our fans have been beyond fortunate to have Mr Cartier as our organist come with this franchise to Barclay's Center.

Once again Mr Yormark, acted quickly to correct an issue which is what you want.
(deleted what I wrote his about past comments which are on him entirely) Why bother?