New York To Practice At Northwell Health Ice Center Through 2026

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/07/2016 04:12:00 PM | | |
Long story short we found out 3/7/16 what became of what was Charles Wang's former agreement at Cantiague Park for the 5.1 million dollars he was owed from the Lighthouse project back in escrow from 6/5/2015: (See past entry)

Islanders agreed to move all practices to Northwell Health Ice (aka Twin Rinks) beginning 9/1/16, they had their third practice there this season on 3/7/16.

Cantiague Park get's one million for upgrades to it's rink, no mention of the Islanders involvement.
No mention of the other 600k. (5.1m vs 3.5+1m last summer)
No mention of Iceworks which Wang still owns. 

County legislature of course cleared room, and went into special session for a long time before Islanders lawyer took a few questions, most from one representative about agreement being binding and construction being within footprint of current building. NIMBY/Parkland.

No mention was made of Charles Wang, Jon Ledecky or Scott Malkin as this passes to new majority owners if they do pay money for team/take majority control.

This has nothing to do with the Nassau Coliseum nor was that brought up.

If the Islanders violate terms or in fact move from NY area before 2026, Nassau can only collect from the 5.1 million LH escrow money. Wang would still own Northwell Health rink regardless because he bought it last summer. 

Bottom line: