New York Islander Fan Central | 4/05/2016 10:58:00 PM |
Win or lose, always proud of the New York Islanders. They gave it all they had the last two days against excellent teams.

It's been a long, tough season with a terrible schedule, worst I have ever seen in the second half.  Somehow they found the ugliest ways to win with so many players struggling as the injuries continue.  It's a shock to me they qualified but again here we are, and I'm thrilled.

The players responded to Capuano, it says a lot about management, even if I want a change.

Being a fan of this team it goes beyond the final record always.

Now we see what the last days of this schedule brings.

This is no longer a league of 16/21 teams qualifying, it's an excellent accomplishment to make the playoffs.  

New York will return to the playoffs. Christopher Gibson won his first NHL game.

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