New York vs Florida/And Beyond..

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/10/2016 11:29:00 PM |

NYIFC Comments:
35 games/69 days. 12/14 on road. (for a team that limped to nine over since opening night)
One day in a month to sleep at home.
No three day break since all star break.
Worst schedule in division by a mile/players breaking down.
19 over last season/18 over this time. 101 points vs 100.
Philadelphia came all the way back or playoff spot a formality days earlier.
The playoff cut off went from 17 over to 14 over since last year=gap closed in division.

At some point the ugly games this team has played will beat them with injuries which now include Lee, who was a huge reason they won down the stretch. Greiss beside Ranger game looks very beatable. Who knows what Hamonic or Halak do if they return? This is Grabovski's 5th concussion in two seasons, do not expect him to continue this season, perhaps ever?

I gave the Panthers a lot of justified praise last season before they got Jagr, and former assistant here Gerard Gallant is a really good coach for that team. My instincts tell me  the Panthers domination in both games at Barclay's was no fluke, (besides Islanders comeback win) and this could be a short series because the Islanders do not play many sixty minute games where they outwork other teams, while Florida is relentless with a level the Islanders have  rarely risen to all season.

Luongo lost his job in Vancouver because he imploded under pressure, he's never played in a playoff game for Florida ever, but he's the best goaltender entering this series.

For the Florida Panthers their biggest problem is becoming the Florida Jagr's. They look a little more beatable since the trade deadline, and Jagr/defense are two words that are weakness for them.
Having written all this in the end if the Islanders cannot beat Florida now there will/should be big changes beyond UFA regardless.

We all know the worst media in North America for any professional sports team (mostly tied to Dolan's outlets) could drop anything from Barclays, lease, players, ownership, Coliseum at any time to create a distraction.

We all know/want New York to advance, they have kept finding ways to win very ugly all season.  (which includes the players/coach unhappy after many games/wins) Capuano naming player names to media worked for the scoreboard, not sure if it helped Bailey, Nelson, Strome?

It's April 10th, we have a playoff series, now we'll find out what the New York Islanders can do with it.