New York Ownership Change Leaves Mostly Unanwered Questions

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Updated: Garth Snow happened to speak after I began my entry, was gracious with the fans, and sounded like a man who will keep his job.

“New ownership won’t have any impact on what we’re doing this offseason.” -Garth Snow 5/12/16

So far the three owners have not spoken to this subject.
Let's be clear. I'm damaged goods on this subject from the past.

Steven Gluckestern was a good #2 owner in Phoenix, highly regarded, paid bills/spent on players.

Gluckstern came here with NY ties, met fans often, then Howard ("Fill The Building First") Milstein met with Nassau and soon we had an ownership run by Ed Milstein on life-support trying to ice a five million dollar payroll, and leverage the television contract to trade Palffy to the Rangers. (after they tried to leave)

Milstein was many things, but not a fool, and he was correct. Some of his investors in the Islanders to this day are high profile people like Steven Ross, who own the Miami Dolphins.

Milstein is still a billionaire, and despite throwing 125 million out the window to purchase the Redskins, was not wrong about fan support or Nassau as Wang found out, but that was then, this is now.
Jon Ledecky was a good #2 in Washington that became part of an ownership which moved down town from Landover during a season, went to the finals, added Jagr, and had horrible attendance for years.

Ledecky's been popular with fans, and seen at many games the past two years. All three were at Neulion's Christmas party last Dec (held at Wang's Northwell Health) and reportedly at game 2 in Tampa. (at very least)

I cannot tell you a thing about Scott Malkin beyond he seems to be the billion dollar owner of the two, with businesses in London, and his Harvard ties to Ledecky. 
Garth Snow can say what he likes about the coaches, staff, but in the end it comes down to what Jonathan Ledecky/Scott Malkin say regarding keeping him as Alt Gov, President, GM which could have been decided day one in 2014 win or lose.

Charles Wang stayed loyal to Mike Milbury, he paid for it big long-term regardless of the money he spent or the three straight playoffs. We have fans who want a total house-cleaning regardless if this team won a cup or finished 30th, who do not consider this management team or coaching staff credible even though the players working here clearly disagree.

Despite media rhetoric, we have no idea which owners have what percentage of the team, or what date the minority owners become majority who have a final say in hockey matters. 
Teams change (or go without) general managers during drafts and 7/1 in the past, the fact the UFA players have had no conversations regarding new contracts is not insignificant but Snow has signed prospects early.
What Do We Know?
Everyone (and their lawyers) looked at all leases.

We know former Caps gm, George McPhee, was with Leonsis/Ledecky's + Garth Snow's agent, and was a consultant here this season. 

Ledecky's comment about KC Royals not spending for elite players in 2014 and proved they could win. (not until 2015) Wang's sole ownership took back business operations from Barclay's eight months after his agreement with Ratner at a point before Ledecky-Malkin bought a share of the team.

We also clearly found out Mr Yormark (with a brother who ran the Florida Panthers for about a decade) did not pay much attention to hockey traditions at Nassau Coliseum in 2013, 2014 or 2015 or ask many questions of the fans or the teams owner(s) which meant communication at both ends was not very good to be kind.

Fred Mangione, as Chief CEO of Barclay's made clear he should have booked more Sat home games for Islanders speaks for itself which may have lost its former Sat night customers permanently.

And we know Prokhorov-Ratner this week signed a 49 year lease to renovate/operate the Paramount Theater near Barclay's Center starting in 2017.
We have no idea what Barclay's owner, Mikhail Prokhorov thinks of the Islanders, any owner, or what they think of him, Mr Yormark, or the lease Charles Wang said was iron-clad for 25 years in 2012. 

We have no idea what Ledecky/Malkin think of having the team at Wang's Northwell Health practice facility or his agreement at WBA in Bridgeport through 2021.

A decision on Bridgeport's future needs to be announced in accordance with Ratner. (now 85 percent Prokhorov's lease to supply an AHL team for a renovated Nassau Coliseum)
Sorry folks, just giving you my take of the landscape at this early time.

Our incoming new owners have the Islanders website to make clear what they intend to do without a newspaper/sources or gossip. We're going to know eventually, so the sooner, the better.

Fans sitting around on 7/1 expecting twenty dollar tickets, a max payroll filled with top players signed are a tough act for any owner.

Agents, players, fans want a stable operation, and answers.
It's a time to be proactive.

7/1 or later is not the right time for changes if they have already been decided.

We know the players like this management, and so does Garth Snow, but it's not his say until the three owners publicly decide it's still his job.

For now Snow will do is job as always, we'll see if he can negotiate contracts new owners have to pay. 

The exit meetings are over with the players, it's time for ownership to pick a direction, and announce it to the public or it's Snow's job as always which seems to answer all questions.