It's Show Time For Ledecky/Malkin

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/14/2016 12:38:00 AM | | |
NYIFC Comments:
Simply put it's been a long time since October 2014, if Malkin/Ledecky paid the money, they are majority owners, and it's their call, along with Mikhail Prokhorov who is their landlord at Barclay's/Coliseum if a team affiliated with the Islanders play there. 

For today it seems like a good time to go back to what was said as to what kind of owners the fans are getting. If the communication has been as poor as Barclay's-Islanders where obviously for three years the homework was not done, it could be a very big problem. From an outsiders view the three owners have been together often for games/events.

Our fans want passionate owners, crashing into things, not calm consideration, and the greatest payroll, with the lowest ticket prices which is not realistic. Two years should have taught these men that much. Some of these "kids" are now weeks from leaving. 

Jon Ledecky/Scott Malkin are not listed on the Sound Tigers directory, only the Islanders.

Meanwhile the interior roof of the Coliseum is half black now, with the full exterior to be painted black this month.  A decision on the Sound Tigers future will have to happen. Wang has his agreement with Nassau to use Northwell for all team practices beginning on 9/1/16 for his Lighthouse escrow money. Prospect camp will begin place under Charles Wang's tenure in his facility.

The learning process is over with the listening tour, our new majority owners will be making big decisions, the fan support must be there for these owners to spend.

We're about to see what has been learned since that press conference in 2014.