Ledecky Management Statement

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2016 10:26:00 AM | | |
NYIFC Comment: 
What can be written on Charles Wang again here? For the more astute folks he leaves with a good legacy.

He owns the Sound Tigers in full, operates WBA through 2021, Iceworks, and has an agreement with Nassau County for the Islanders to practice at his fully owned Northwell Health through 2026, and conduct team events beginning 9/1/16 if he wants to retain his LH escrow money.

Ratner's agreement calls for an AHL team to play in the Nassau Coliseum, if not Wang's Sound Tigers, that's a problem for the new majority owners if the Rangers AHL team plays in a renovated Coliseum.

As for Jon Ledecky, he was not introduced as the majority owner, Scott Malkin's finances will drive this franchise with some realistic expectations, and the usual absurd things some of our fans want. 

My guess is like all owners here the fan support determines the direction. Since 1989, a 41 game commitment from our fans simply is beyond what they will do to support their team.

Their opening day likely brings the likely loss of three well-liked core players the fans identify with, one who is a player John Tavares wanted resigned, who's points at wing lead all UFA.

There are good reasons to retain these players, and good reasons to move on. 

We now know Mr Ledecky endorses this coach & general manager.