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New York Islander Fan Central | 8/10/2016 09:21:00 AM |
Mostly a quiet time, the usual football from the usual suspects regarding the usual arena nonsense.

And of course the Long Island fans/some Msg media getting amnesia about how good things were at Barclay's after 12/2 through the playoffs, are selling going back a place that could not sellout 41 games under any circumstances since 1989 now with 1972 revenue streams.

My honest guess is if both sides stick with things in ten years this teams fan base becomes huge in NYC, even with Dolan's media doing everything possible to paint a false narrative they are not a NY team since 1972 while they spam NY for NJ teams they have television rights to.

How many owners have to say this team is called New York? 

Bottom line if Bloomberg, Kosman, Dolan's puppets at Newsday/News12 (who likely still would love the Coliseum & their television contract money through 2031 back in their pockets, and may well be contacted to put the Wolfpack in the Coliseum) want credibility produce documents, quotes from those involved or give the source game a rest because all this garbage is click bait for their resumes, nothing else.

Dolan's outlets won't go near their 2013 bid for the Nassau Coliseum or the conflict of interest from the same people who worked very hard in 2011 to influence a no vote for weeks until it was clear a vote would fail by making the referendum a circus. 

Josh Kosman, who's been clueless for years and published a false rumor 23 days before the Islanders went to Barclay's in 2012 cannot even properly write the Coliseum renovation is 130 million (another 130 million for the surrounding plaza) or spell Prokhorov's name correctly before dropping his usual late night gossip,  by a paper who endorses the Dolan's tax exemption permanently, but made clear to vote no in 2011?

Too bad they can spring for a legit 82 game beat writer. 

Surely these outlets can all publish Dolan's documents on the television contracts with the Islanders, Devils, Sabres, along with their tax exemption agreement since 1982 or the expiring operating permit along with Joe Percoco's investigation who's another Dolan draft pick from Albany, who was hired on the Sheldon Silver plan, and in the middle of the Dolan-Cuomo Penn Station renovation here as the tax exemptions continue.

Bloomberg, who has joined the hunt claims they have offering statements on the Islanders lease negotiation dates, and official opt-out date.

Ok. Publish these offering statements, very simple. 

The lease was signed in October 2012, and viewed by all the Islanders old/new majority owners (and their attorney's) with Prokhorov, who bought the arena rights from Ratner.
Not much on the team yet. Someone has to explain to me why if the Kings picked Jonas Enroth over J.F Berube a year ago to where he was placed on waivers so he could start in the AHL, why anything has changed after only starting six games last season in New York besides the need for him to start immediately somewhere from day one. 

If Gibson accepted his qualifying offer or he resigned it was not reported. Send Berube with his one-way contract down and let him start with an NHL paycheck, if he's claimed, so be it.

Kevin Poulin agreed to his deal a year ago around now, general managers are creatures of habit, so if nothing is done with Gibson yet, this could be the time. Not seeing any signed goalies in Missouri so there is a spot for McAdam or Williams.

Halak is signed/working with kids in Long Island City wearing full equipment with two years left on his contract, he's dominated division when healthy. Greiss and him split the work, both will likely not remain healthy.

Last I checked the depth chart screams this roster needs a replacement for Brian Streit, they will go at least 3-4 deep  on defense over 82 games which they do not have in Bridgeport.

And something has to get done with Strome.

Like the players they lost, but let's get real.

Anyone can score one five on five goal like Nielsen did from 12/28/15 to 4/22/16 and be a +1 on the season who was -5 against Tampa, especially in an organization full of drafted centers playing wing.
Some important things will be posted here, others on twitter.