New York Islander Fan Central | 8/31/2016 08:08:00 AM |
What's more important than a lease extension for this franchise to keep them in New York?

Sorry, but not a 5th ring if this franchise relocates in 2-3 years.

Not John Tavares resigning. 

There is no other arena waiting in New York for this franchise with revenue streams to support an NHL team in three years available. 

Mr Ledecky also cannot approach John Tavares or his agent next summer about a new contract without a lease extension agreement first.  

We don't need sources, gossip, or speculation, Mr Prokhorov's offering statement remove all questions, we now have specific deadlines to negotiate a lease extension, and the terms of the current lease.

Nothing but respect for Jon Ledecky's efforts, commitment to winning a Stanley Cup now, and absolutely believe all his intentions are a hundred percent sincere to keep this franchise in New York & resign John Tavares.

This team again has a top payroll, despite poor fan support early in season (as in 2014-15) with Tavares, and making the playoffs.  Barclay's cannot have enough open houses or ways to fill seats on weeknights, Mr Ledecky, Gillies, Yormark cannot make enough phone calls to entice new fans.

Reality also is this team can sellout every single game, but if Mikhail Prokhorov does not want to pay them after 2018 or wants them out of Barclay's Center, they have to relocate.

We have no idea where Mr Prokhorov stands, 53.5 million dollars yearly is a lot of money for 41 events, if he sells Barclay's in the future, a potential Islanders lease extension likely makes it harder for him to sell or costs him money.

I put up the links and all updates to Prokhorov's offering statement, Ledecky's comments on 8/29/16. They will remain here at top of page until camp begins, then be moved down the page a little, but they must remain posted.

I completely understand Mr Ledecky-Mr Malkin are child-hood friends who communicate daily. Having written this Scott Malkin is the primary governor of this franchise, that's what the league announced, and what's on the teams website. They will stand together & relocate the franchise together if necessary.

Will shift things back to hockey but the uncertainty about this teams future has never been more dire, regardless of Bridgeport, Northwell, Webster Bank Arena, Iceworks, or the 2031 cable contract. 

 Ledecky: “Barclay's is going to be our home for years to come.“ When asked beyond four years...“The last time I looked I’m not the predictor of the future, right now, I’m focused on one thing and that’s getting the fifth ring for our fan base. That’s the most important thing.” 8/29/16

Nothing is more important than this franchise having a permanent NY home.......NOTHING.
Good faith negotiations can commence at the conclusion of this season? How about Mr Malkin, Prokhorov, Ledecky lock the doors now, and announce a real-iron clad lease?

There is no Islanders leverage here, it's Barclay's or out of town for this franchise.