9/12: New York Moving Forward Into 2016-17

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/12/2016 08:15:00 AM |
We all know the lease details now, and what will be decided by January 2018, there is no new arena in NY that will be ready in three years and both Mr Prokhorov/Malkin have not made any public comments.

I have listened to every word Jon Ledecky said at Barclays, Northwell at both team events on audio. 

There will be no Tavares contract without a new lease next summer, but that's in the future also.

So for now we move forward with 2016-17,  the clock is ticking on Strome, a lot of top players at a folly tournament in high pressure games far too early, that has no value could bring a serious injury.

Islander camp will open without it's head coach, both goaltenders, Tavares, and many important players.

Others will fight for jobs, expecting some surprises/perhaps a trade or two because they have no veterans on defense in reserve. The top six on defense are an improvement over many past years. 

On paper, as always, it could go either way putting it between 2nd-15th in a conference packed with good teams that mostly are all improving.  I see a New York Islander team that struggled so badly last season even in most wins, it's hard to know if the league did figure them out, but they still managed to win, unlike Calgary.

Garth Snow's best decisions recently seem to be the players who turned him down heading into UFA. Nielsen will be missed killing penalties/shootouts, but five on five goals? No.

I think they dodged a bullet on Nielsen at seven years. Fifty games between five on five goals last season is too much, and Strome, Nelson should be playing their natural drafted/developed spot at center.

Is Okposo better than Ladd? I think so, but Ladd never had Tavares in Winnipeg.  Hardly a fan of players changing wings or not in their natural position but we saw Capuano move Lee to right wing.

Parenteau was rarely a 1st line right wing the last time he was here, he played on the powerplay or the third line.

Six goalies, two teams. Could care less who is happy/unhappy, go win the job.
Northwell has three rinks, Halak has two years left on his contract, and has dominated this division.

Berube may get more preseason games than he did starts last season with only six, last year the Kings put him on waivers to get work.

The NHL"s worst local media will have little, but Snow's going to give Dolan's media the crumbs they give the team in coverage or far less than a 101-100 point team deserve.

Steven Gionta's agent said he's coming to camp on a PTO over other teams because he felt there was a job to be won here.

What folks should be hoping for is Dal Colle/Ho-Sang win a job before Barzal or another prospect, if not the two older prospects will go to Bridgeport.