New York Notables: Yormark Media Announcement 10/5/16

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/05/2016 01:14:00 AM |
Islanders website release: Yormark, Ledecky, WFAN comments....more details on radio network.

Not a lot to write, can't see any scenario Snow risk a player on waivers (not even Berube) & with 14 forwards on one-way contracts (Quine-Prince) the forwards are set for this year unless there is a trade.

Pelech does not have to clear waivers, Mayfield does so expect him to stay with Seidenberg. There will be plenty of injuries on defense to go with that nine game road-trip.  Do not see Pulock's shot sent down, but Reinhart still waiting for his turn.

Seems Lee is still on right wing from last season, so he may be Okposo's first line replacement sooner than later.

Not many spots in Bridgeport, if Gionta or Bernier want an AHL 2-way deal I can see that but more productive players still out there, and likely heading to waivers. 
Worst print/tv media for any professional sports team doing what they do best, not spending money to give our team coverage, was never about record, spending, or where arena was before Barclay's.

Dolan wll low-ball NYI (and Devils) at every chance on television. Mr Burke like everyone else does not work for NYI, he works for Dolan's MSG. Miracle our fans got a youtube screen for a live webcast Monday with the teams only true media employees (Chris King/Greg Picker) doing internet/radio call.

How many times will Brendan Burke have to call the New York Islanders, Brooklyn to satisfy his boss, Andrea Geenberg, who is Dolan's media gm for their network?  Like Rose, will he be calling Pat Dolan's Newsday to tell Neil Best our team should change it's name?

Nine minutes before the game it was posted on the Islanders website our fans would get to see a webcast & for most of the first period it did not work at all. The Flyers provided a stream from a loading dock for the first game with no in-game audio.

It's hard to take Jon Ledecky's comments seriously about replacing glass boards when so many of our fans are shutout from seeing this teams games anywhere or they are presented in this manner.

In 2016 it's completely unacceptable for another teams telecast in the New York Islanders home arena in NYC, or Bridgeport. Our team should receive what CSN gives Caps, Comcast gives Flyers, and Dolan gives his teams to market/sell tickets or they should use their website, and express their displeasure. 

Sure Jon Ledecky/Scott Malkin/Charles Wang/Dewey Shay have a choice with television coverage. Dolan can keep his 300 million through 2031, and not allow any game or stream anywhere or when lease opt notice is given the owners can find a real television partner if team moves out of NY entirely in 2018-19/2019-20.

Meanwhile the Dolan's network is giving our fans season tickets, have prime branding at Barclay's and Northwell and  their network on television while our prospects practice?  Last I checked there are no ads for Islander tickets on Ranger board in Manhattan or in Greenberg, our owners do not have a season ticket giveaway for Ranger fans?

Long way from that $50,000 dispute for the Metro Ice Challenge--but not really. 

Yes, read Mr Yormark's tweet on media coverage announcement 10/5, respect his efforts. Seriously if teams radio games on WFAN or another outlet where other teams get priority, where will most of the games really be broadcasted? Answered above.

We'll see. Wang got them on ESPN before Yankees/Nets got Devils on WFAN, which sent Dolan's teams to ESPN, and Wang's Islanders to Bloomberg, and Hofstra, with an endless radio network.

Dolan can always just put all his +2 games on WPIX to grow NY base, but we know he will never permit that.