One Year Later Only Standings Changed

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/05/2017 06:38:00 AM |
Decided to go back and looked at some old entries from last season, not a lot has changed beyond the team hovering around eight over vs now, expected a collapse given schedule ahead combined with allowing too many goals. (and blowing leads)

I wanted Cronin to replace Capuano in January 2016.

So I thought it was time to go back and post the shots against from last season for those claiming the loss of Frans (-16) Nielsen past his final even strength goal with Islanders in regular season 12/28/15 and what I wrote back a year ago.

I remembered those games with all the high shots against when Nielsen, Okposo, Martin, Strait, Zidlicky Bernier, Boulton, Grabovski were here. Pelech made his cameo vs Ladd, Chimera, Beauvillier, Seidenberg now at +17 to no media coverage.  Prince & Quine did not arrive until trade deadline, April.

This was written & on twitter, the shots against were about the same as Dec 2015.

The tweet above was from games played 1/3/16 vs Dallas back to 12/2/15 vs Rangers.

NYI after 40 games in 2015-16 allowed four more shots than they allowed through 36 games this season:
1197/40 games 2015-16
1193/36 games 2016-17
1036/36 games 2015-16

Some will recall a few wins like 47 shots allowed against Nashville where the Predators left Barclay's wondering how they lost, and losing 5-1 to Florida allowing only 16 shots is not a good game so there were games where shots against did not matter.

My point even back to one year ago (backed by stats) is this team gave up tons of shots, and plenty of leads.

This year has been more of the same. Last year against Columbus, Jenner's goal in final seconds did not count, NY won another game they were frankly dominated last season.