Snow Might Have To Stay Regardless

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/18/2017 12:55:00 AM |
The man who put together the team has to go if he said he's a hundred percent accountable,  he fired the coach. Ok. Weight is interim, Snow should not get another full-time hire (regardless of who) and should be sent packing ASAP.

He's had his chance.

Our fans will accept nothing less, to write otherwise is folly.

But someone has to write it. Who's coming here to replace Snow as Alt-Gov, President, GM? Who's signing up to come here for maybe one or two years? How can Ledecky-Malkin hire anyone (President/gm) without a lease agreement long-term first? Same for Tavares resigning on 7/1/17?

It's promises Ledecky-Malkin cannot make to anyone unless they sign up knowing a relocation could be part of it, along with another sale. 

Lease negotiations begin at the end of this season, not now. They conclude 12/31/17, opt out notice deadline is 1/30/18.

If Prokhorov delivers a lease opt-out notice on 1/30/18 or the Islander owners decide the lease does not work for them, and the team has to relocate to Quebec by the end of next season or the one after, why would anyone want to waste two years on a lame-duck franchise as coach or gm?

I get you want your changes tomorrow or day season concludes, but without a lease agreement, and a home to play in long-term that's not happening unless it's an interim hire who knows the job may be temporary.

And it's not as easy as blaming  Ledecky-Malkin for keeping Snow. It's Prokhorov's building, his call for an owner with the lowest NBA payroll, who may well not want any part of giving a 41 day tenant any money.

Snow might be here in the caretaker role until a lease is decided or an opt-out is delivered, or until they relocate. Another sale could happen if owning this team elsewhere does not work for Malkin-Ledecky.

Sure they could replace Snow in-house with an interim like Kenny Morrow, Chris Lamoriello or Snow's assistant Kerry Gwydir you are talking three jobs, but already you have the assistant gm as interim head coach.