Time To Move-Back To NY Islander Hockey

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/01/2017 07:30:00 AM |
Again my recent entries do not change how I feel about things.

Having written this the only thing that can be done, are what the players, management are clearly doing as they are making a push for the one likely playoff seed available to them.

Problem is for them to enter real contention they have to enter the Caps, Columbus, Pens, Rangers mix, they can't make the playoffs as an Atlantic seed so all they have is the one spot, and an Atlantic team (or another Metro team) will at some point make a big push, and win nine of ten.

Or do what Ottawa did a few years ago. 

When whatever push happens this team will be playing 22/34 on the road, likely with more injuries (to go with the significant current ones) and after the trade deadline, where at best they likely stand pat unless this team goes on the kind of streak it's merited to add.

Beyond that, unless the owners have something to say (they can't about another parties buildings because it's not their decision, and they have a contractual agreement) there is nothing to write. The media clowns who don't cover the team, and need page-views will write anything, parts of the Long Island crowd are doing what they have done best since 1989, and that's not support the team unless it's opening night or a playoff game.