New York Hires Doug Weight As Head Coach

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/12/2017 11:45:00 AM |
Weight video for over seven minutes on 4/12 from Northwell.

 Islanders website: Release on Weight hiring, Snow/player comments.

NYIFC Comments:  
It's not unheard of that an outgoing president-gm hires a coach, and is dismissed afterward so stay tuned, but the fans will not support Snow, and it goes on the new owners if he stays.

Eleven years is enough & if Mr Ledecky-Malkin do not understand this they have not done a good job on their listening tour, and will lose plenty of season ticket holders.

Either they get that or they don't.

This was their moment to make a statement, after eleven years it should have been a very easy one because their expectations for this season were not met. 

Weight should not have be re-hired by Snow, he should have been fired or reassigned to accommodate whatever his contract terms are.

Snow's successor should have hired Weight. 

No knock on Weight, who will have mostly the same team return, but when the quotes go stale, and the team starts struggling, it will be on him from day one, along with a power-play he could not improve as a head coach or an assistant coach, he has zero coaching experience beyond being an assistant here since 2011-12 or as an assistant gm since June 2014. 

Staple apparently needed a year since last June (via NHL sources/aka former Rangers beat-writers in Manhattan) as he was headed to cover his employers hockey playoffs (with that glass completely filled) to claim Snow was given a long-term contract?

Personally I think that was his parting shot as he leaves this beat for good.