New York Wins 5th Straight But Eliminated

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/08/2017 10:46:00 PM |
What can be written? The players dressed/Halak left it all on the table, and won their 5th straight game 4-2 in New Jersey with Tavares/several players out.

They will exit this season with their heads held high. Some will try, and help Bridgeport qualify for their playoffs. 

New York will have one final game at home Sunday.

This team has spent about one day in their own beds over the final two weeks, after the horrible road schedule before that. The team that won it's first road game in late November (14rd shootout) finished the season two games over on the road.

It's the first time a New York Islander team with 92 or more points missed the playoffs, many qualified with less points.
As for what happens next, it's crossroads time for Jon Ledecky-Scott Malkin as owners. What they do or fail to do with Garth Snow will be their legacy, and how they are perceived by the customers from this point on.

Their expectations were not met for the payroll, Garth Snow had eleven years/the last three with a very high payroll, this is not 2000 where Milbury was retained because he did not get a fair chance.

Snow will be hired elsewhere as a gm or in a front-office, he's proven his ability, but the fans want a clear message things have changed. Nothing short of Snow's dismissal as quickly as possible will be accepted.