NY Resigns Seidenberg/Notable

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/25/2017 08:23:00 AM |
Islanders website: Release on Seidenberg re-signing

NYIFC Comments:
Anyone who thinks he was given over a million dollars not to play the same role with the same minutes, has not been paying attention. Steady player, +25, veteran leader with cup experience.

Good resigning, up to prospects to beat him out for his spot. Cannot have enough depth on defense.
A quick update to my last entry, see no reason at this time to shut things down until the draft or later. Simply do not need a break.

So Nashville with the exact same record as the Islanders is a cup contender, and the other is a catastrophe?

Sorry, not buying false narratives, even if Snow needs to be replaced.

94 points here is same in Nashville, Calgary in a 14-16 conference format?

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