Expect A Quiet 7/1 For New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2017 06:46:00 AM |
Folks, the money has been spent, or is earmarked for Tavares if he can be resigned. If Lee keep's scoring like this he's getting close to fifty million dollars from someone so it's time to start saving up.

And if Bailey continues his breakout & hits 60-70 points, with his UFA pending, they have to find a way to pay him.

The UFA class is weak (again) and the roster is filled with NHL contracts.
Quine, Prince.
Dal Colle, Barzal.
Towes/Vande Sompel/ect.
Not as simple as putting Quine or Prince on waivers, they could well be claimed, and need a steady spot here to show what they can do.

Yes, I get it's 7/1 & the fans want new toys or like to do their Milbury impersonations but it does not work that way, and the trades needed require important roster players likely leaving for underachieving, expensive rentals mostly with big baggage.

In two years when what you traded for leaves in UFA, and the players here now are part of those deals, and producing for their new teams, what's left?

That is the formula for becoming one of those long-term/non-playoff teams.