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New York Islander Fan Central | 9/30/2017 08:14:00 AM |
One tweet for this website, another for twitter followers. And finally, John Shannon, told us where NYI owners Malkin-Ledecky were on 9/28, and that this was Dolan's RFP bid for his revenge arena in Belmont, while at Newsday, Dolan's paid employees did what they had to do to stay employed, our owners (who would only be a 41-day tenant) said nothing.

Dolan is ready to sue the LA Clippers, criticized  City of Inglewood & Mayor, because they want to put a new AEG arena next to his taxpayer renovated LA Forum so they bid to put an arena of their own between Coliseum & Barclay's, after winning a RFP in Seattle who they could funnel a Belmont NHL tenant to when it fails to draw fan support. 

Oakview's money beyond Dolan is, Irving Azoff, net worth 100 million, and Tim Leiweke, who is like Brett Yormark, in that he works for rich people, but has no net value to finance any arena.