NYI Fans Require Facts On Cuomo-Dolan Ponzi Scheme Arena

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/21/2017 11:03:00 PM |

I'm an honest person who has always written the truth.

The fix was in. Dolan said jump, Cuomo said how much money you want, and his revenge arena facts/finances/Elmont be damned. It's Dolan's arena.

Our team will be pawns there, as soon as it's proven the attendance cannot support the revenue needed the drumbeat will begin to get them out so Dolan can bring down the Wolfpack.

Newsday is just getting started in the revenge business with their paid media turning to the Coliseum where they lost, and resented it every day since.

Our fans are somehow clueless Dolan offered less money there for a smaller renovation.

Facts? Their media people want no part of that unless it's to stop something Dolan does not want, it's not 2011 where they killed the arena vote, their jobs are at stake.

Please tell me with a straight face if Dolan was running the Coliseum today, and won in 2013, Ledecky would not have been laughed out of Cuomo's office, with Newsday pounding home why does LI need another arena, we have Dolan's AHL team in his Nassau Coliseum.

Meanwhile Dolan is suing in LA for the Clippers wanting a new arena near his LA Forum, the hypocrisy is beyond absurd.

All I know are the facts and what has transpired.

I was never fooled in the past by bad owners lying.

30 NHL owners play in a city, or are crying they need to play in one to stay in business. That's the financial truth, it's why small markets all went out of business or relocated. 

130+ teams in sports don't partner with their rival on an arena, then Ledecky can't even say who owns the building, while Dolan's paper already reported their shell company operates the building making them our landlord.

Why can't you tell people who own's the Islanders building Mr Ledecky?

It's private? After a week of they are coming home garbage.

I remember the gang of four, Spano, Milstein, all the celebrations, the gullible fans bought in, some of them today put on Fisherman Jerseys, even then we knew the new owners inherited Smg's prison sentence to 2015 as arena operator, and Nassau ran the facility. 

Ledecky moved to DC with the Caps when he hit the eject button as minority owner before the paint dried, he wanted no part of the Islanders when Milstein wanted to unload them so can we stop this love of the Islanders when he tried to purchase many teams elsewhere in several sports for a man who's net worth was around 400 million.

And the Landover Caps most years long after the move outdrew DC until Ovechkin went there.

So James Dolan, the man who refused to pay the team $50,000 for the Metro Ice Challenge, who pulled pregame show, who put playoff games on Metroguide, who bullied the tv contract into being changed & pulled the games off television day one in 1998, who refused ITV or preseason coverage, and who only shows his own team 24/7 on television, and twice stopped playing the NYI in preseason, and who puts his teams on television 24/7, is your landlord and you praise that?

You must love those 17 games on Msg+2 to go with the 20 minute post-games, that sure does help bring in new generations of fans---not. 

This from James Dolan who bought Newsday in 2008, put up a paywall, cut the Islanders coverage to nothing (gave the Rangers more while our fans got a summer intern) and flat out lie in their newspaper to manipulate gullible fans?

Not to mention our two arena partners showcasing only the Dolan's team in Wilpon's Stadium on 1/1/18 inside NYI territory in Queens? Is that how real partners act who if they were real would insist the Islanders host the game would be good for their new arena, and their profile in NYC.

Oh yes, Dolan's the road team to keep his tax exemption from Cuomo.

Did someone forget to tell Ledecky, Cuomo gave Wilpon massive taxpayer money for that Brooklyn Dodger disgrace in Queens, and Cuomo's tax exemption renovated that dump in Manhattan, 50 million a year from taxpayers, money at Penn Station, now this?

Not everyone sits where Jon Ledecky does in baseball stadiums.

Where is the money-man in this, primary owner, Scott Malkin? He would not even show his face. I would have stayed in Europe too.

So these guys went all around to 30 NHL arena's for the best building, the one that will be the standard? Meanwhile it's supposedly a 16,500 seat building when everyone else wants 17,500-20,000, how do you make money in an arena so small or sustain a product with Long Island fans waiting for ten dollar tickets?

Sorry, but I don't write to give people bad news, or to make them happy, but it is not even a close call how awful this is which likely leads to the end of the franchise.

Go ahead Mr Ledecky, respond to what I wrote and prove me wrong. Let's start with pdf files on Dolan's tax exemptions, his television contracts, poltical contributions to Cuomo, we know Newsday loves publishing those for anything the NYI ever did.

As a 40 plus year fan none of this surprises me. Ledecky lied about wanting to be at Barclay's for many years to come, he did not spend 60 million to purchase Northwell. No wonder the 5th ring talk has faded, and Snow seems more secure than ever with team 31st in goals allowed, and Tavares looking like a man who went to the dentist on Wednesday.

Dolan's media convinced fans it was not working at Barclay's despite outdrawing most years at Nassau.  In a decade they would have had the fans/corporate revenue built up in NYC for a permanent niche, same as the Devils did in Newark who got an arena without partnering with Dolan, same as 30 other teams.

The idea of another NYC arena was treated like it was not viable without a single tangible explanation. Cuomo/Dolan's media simply wanted no part of it, and dismissed out it of hand as, impossible despite the Shea Stadium site ready for a new building or the USTA site.

Yes, I know the LI fans want to be the little community team, with the max payroll, 1980 ticket prices, who only will go to opening nights, a few Saturday games and playoff games (if prices not too high), but that's not reality or what you need to survive in a market and why Nassau County does not work.

We don't need Ledecky telling homegrown NY fans we moved to NYC from LI because growing up plenty of people in NYC were NYI fans, they saw a great team on television with NY logo and it did not matter where the building was, they had coverage in all four NYC papers back then.

I believe what Charles Wang said two days before the referendum vote in July 2011, that forty percent of his season ticket sales came from inside NYC. He had every reason to lie, and tell people ninety percent of his season tickets came from Nassau and he needed every one of them to win the vote while Randi Marshall was pounding home the $58.00 price to defeat it, and George Marlin of NIFA got more ink than any player.

I through we had NYC owners (who paid NYC money to purchase this team) who understood being NY was the only way, the way even the three NJ teams do things, not the way Barclay's does things which makes them a bad partner or wants to limit their fan base to Brooklyn for some very strange reason which has done nothing but hurt them.

Sorry, but not sure how much more I wish to be a part of this.

Obviously Barclay's will make their decision, and it seems they checked out already and just want them at the Coliseum. Ledecky wants that 53.5 million next season. Prokhorov can lock them into Barclay's through 2040 & stop the 2 arena scheme by Dolan or he can just ask them to go next season to his Nassau Coliseum in exchange for an extra year while a building is constructed.

I'm tired of a team that aspires to be minor league which is all Nassau will ever be or one that wants to be owned entirely by their competition until they can get rid of them which is a lock by 2031 when the cable deal expires.

We'll never know if Ledecky-Malkin share of this is the cable deal money/NYC territorial rights, by 1/30/18 we will know what Barclay's intends to do with the NYI lease.