New York Giving Fans No Hope

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/15/2018 08:37:00 AM |
Simply put, nothing has changed, they seem to need 50 saves or better to win any games, and we know the other team is going to score late if the game is close. That's a formula to nowhere which reflects how badly Doug Weight is over his head coaching this team.

Nothing to build on from that, no development, no reason to think a playoff run is coming. Thirty other teams are not closing in on records for shots against that go back two decades. (with a pk 31st)

Sebastian Aho, has not played since 3/2, no development is happening aside from practice. Chris Gibson is a nice story, but he's a journeyman with a .909 save percentage on a good defensive team in Bridgeport.

Without Halak, who has given them every chance to hang in games, this team is with Buffalo, likely below them in the standings, he's been  that good.

We saw many losing teams here with far less talent win low scoring/shot against games on a regular basis. I do think Snow's time should end, but Doug Weight is not an NHL head coach.

John Tavares has known nothing but Doug Weight since he came here, as teammate, sharing his home, assistant coach/assistant gm, now head coach. But I have little sympathy for Tavares, who frankly made clear he may resign before the season ends even without playoffs so don't say that unless you plan on staying.

For the money he will require he has to be visible every game, the best player on the ice. How rarely does that happen? It does start with him. If Ladd's hurt he should sit out the season, he's given them nothing but a real reason to put him waivers, same as Clutterbuck. Nelson's been the center with the rotating mediocre wings, but he's done little to earn support.

Leddy/Boychuk do not look like a top pairing, #2 is making a ton of unforced errors, the age & injuries are catching up with Boychuk.

Lee has had few moments since he got hurt against Philadelphia. Weight should not be thrilled with  Barzal's defense. Can Eberle produce without #13 here?

Ok. We will see what happens the rest of the way.
Then we'll see if Ledecky-Malkin are for real or just willing to be Dolan's 41 day tenant in a place no fans will go in four years.