6/2/18: Possible Weight Dismissal With Assistants In Days/Hours: Snow Retained/Reduced Role

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/02/2018 12:59:00 AM |

NYIFC Comments: Folks understand my preference is to be dead last/100 percent accurate with information. I also understand Bossy got Tavares wrong to Montreal in December so take it with a grain of salt despite the Lamoriello-Tavares meeting in Mississauga as a Leafs employee (with permission) also came from a small Canadian outlet (not one above) recently.

If true, it's a change that was needed given the performance of the team over 82 games. Too many quality players looked completely lost defensively, and it seemed like the coach was over-matched, with no strategy or apparent plan all 82 games.

That goes on Weight, who made clear he had to hire his own staff. A coach with no experience hired, a staff with little/no NHL experience. This may not play well with Tavares. Weight has been his mentor since day one as his captain, but it's about winning, and it's fair to say that practice Tavares was made Barzal's wing, he was clearly very unhappy.

There were reasons to remove the interim tag last summer & give Weight the job. I did not agree with them or with retaining Snow at that time. This season removed any doubt it was a poor decision because you must hire someone who can coach who has long experience doing the job at some level.

Jack Capuano had long experience and teaches coaching seminars. Our former assistant, Brad Shaw, had long experience but never has been a head coach beyond his time as interim replacing Steve Stirling in 2005.

The NHL has more moving parts & job titles today. The days of the gm being the coach are long gone.

Weight's a good hockey man, he has value but head coach was not the right job for him, if it's true, it's something that had/has to be done, but it's not a happy day.