The Culture Change Begins In New York.

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/06/2018 07:22:00 AM |
For starters we see how long the status quo lasts with the coaching staff, Brent Thompson, or how long Snow-Weight are around for Lamoriello to pick their brains.

My impression is that like Lamoriello's adviser job in Toronto, and Snow-Weight could land elsewhere sooner than later. A new coach will want their own people.

I'm of the school Lamoriello is all in as the permanent general manager, but who knows if he's waiting for Mark Hunter on 7/15 or someone else. Lamoriello was a gm for three years in Toronto, and the Devils.

Another person making decisions he likes to make will not be for him.

No doubt the current scouting staff will remain for the draft as he said.

As for the coaching if Barry Trotz could become available you wait, and go all out to land him. Then Darryl Sutter. I like Dave Tippett but it's time for someone who knows how to win.

It's time to see our first veteran experienced NHL head coach here since Al Arbour. We have seen enough AHL coaches here. Our team does not need another person with no experience behind the bench in any capacity or a staff with no experience, to me that's why this team looked lost from opening night.

I don't want Scott Stevens who walked from Wild after a year as assistant, we need what Laviolette had in Jacques Laperrière when he worked here in 2002. 

Best assistant coach ever hired here, arguably superior to Lorne Henning during the dynasty. Lamoriello grabbed him when Laviolette was fired, and 2003-04 Devils won the cup.  Jacques Laperrière 2018 equivalent is what they need for a staff behind a veteran coach.

As for Tavares, enough written.