Unless He Signs Tavares Deserves Blame, Not Snow/Ownership

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/28/2018 07:51:00 AM |
Bottom line we got a year plus of Tavares saying this is where he wanted to be, only place he's thinking of playing, did not want to be traded. I get it's very popular to blame Snow, but it's wrong.

Then the trade deadline came/went, and Tavares kept to same stance, adding he may even re-sign by end of the season playoffs or no playoffs.

If Tavares went into camp last September, said he's not discussing his contract all season, that would be fair.

He did not put Snow, owners in a good spot, and tied their hands if they wanted to move him with his comments.

My guess is Friday we know if he's staying, by midnight Saturday-Sunday, his 8th year advantage with NYI is gone, he will go elsewhere.

What's he going to do? Can't read human wallpaper.

Despite all this if he informs NYI he has decided to go elsewhere, trade his rights to that team so he can get an 8th year from them for a minor conditional pick. Go classy, show thanks for his time here.

Something good will come from this, either Tavares or money to sign future UFA, and some players available in a very weak UFA group.  Long term, I can write none of these deals ever work out for the full duration. Parise & Suter have not come close to one cup with Wild, Stamkos missed the better part of two years, and struggled in playoffs this year.