Dolan's Belmont Garden's Plans Come Out Quietly in LA 6/19/18... Scott Malkin's Man Brian Garrison Speaks On NYI Role As Tenant

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/07/2018 06:14:00 AM |

Venuesnow is a Dolan-owned outlet, that had a quiet little conference in Los Angeles in mid June, with this laughingstock plan, where Scott Malkin's point man spoke about how NYI are part of this.

Dolan's project will be called Belmont Garden's. (pun intended)

Malkin's guy is a man named Brian Garrison, Richard Browne, is Sterling/Wilpon's guy.

None of these details made it into Dolan's local media here, Don Muret, was hired in late 2017 from the invisible Sports Business Journal.