New York Cuts To 43

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/22/2018 12:28:00 PM |
Nothing earth shattering.

Ok, so twenty cuts needed to 23. Gibson, Smith & Soderstrom (injured) Dal Colle, Fritz, Kovar, Johnston, Sislo, Ho-Sang, Ladd (IR), Bernier, Gionta PTO, Bellows, St Denis. Toews, Dobson, Burroughs, Aho, Helgeson, Seidenberg. (PTO) All the players Lamoriello brought in besides Martin were on playoff teams, they are not going to the AHL.
If Lee, Eberle, Nelson cannot be signed, they risk losing them for nothing later, if the team is in a playoff spot, they are not being traded, all teams have this issue. I'm of the school it's Martin or Johnston. That #53/15 are being showcased to anyone who would take their contracts which is unlikely. Siedenberg's value to Barzal could be a factor, but not going to give him a spot over Sbisa. Toews is showing signs, but his lack of playing for months likely means he starts in Bridgeport. I don't think Lamoriello would hesitate to put Mayfield/Pelech's long-term deals in a trade or on waivers.