Charles Wang RIP

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/21/2018 10:30:00 AM |

The statements praising Wang are pouring in from former players, AHL, Rangers/Dolan family.

Several news organizations are reporting New York Islanders minority owner, Charles B Wang, has passed away at age 74.

 "He treasured his association with the team and its devoted fans," Wang's family said in a statement. Scott Rechler, Kevin Law, others also had high praise for Wang.

NYIFC Comments:
It's a very sad day to read of this man's passing.

I have never been of the school, Charles Wang, kept the team from relocation. The lease in Nassau & with Smg/Msg made that impossible, but his efforts to spend above and beyond, for doing everything humanely possible to keep a building going, where he was only a tenant, renovating many times, him giving us an AHL franchise, saving that from Roy Boe, and investing far more into this team than any owner in his arena circumstances was unreal.

It would never be enough for the people who want 1980 prices & a max payroll. He did all he could to honor the alumni to the point he got accused of it to sell tickets, he did found the teams hall of fame, and the LH tournament continued into last season. 

Wang got my support and defense here because he did not get a taxpayer funded arena, he did not get the LH or the referendum because of politics, but he spent far more than he had to before 2006, and did everything possible to sign players without the ability to front-load contracts to his final days.

He was loyal to this franchise, he was right to fire Neil Smith because the 2006-07 team made the playoffs when the Flyers cleaned house in October, and they fell apart. Wang never let off ice things become a distraction into a season. Smith did not sign his contract, business is business.

And all I kept reading was Wang offered the most money, in that building, with that brutal fan support win or lose, and a ton of pathetic media did not care or understand, he outlasted many of those outlets who spent far less.

Not sure how things are handled given how Bill Torrey has been treated, but Wang was the second best owner of this franchise, and for all the ups/downs, he loved owing this team, he always sat at draft table proudly.

He'll be missed by me personally. No misconceptions of his past at CA or the endless stories as a ruthless shark in business (like everyone) but as a hockey owner he did everything possible for our fans short of bankruptcy.

This was Charles Wang on 6/29/16, his final days at majority owner. RIP