New York Notables: Dolan/Azoff/Attendance/Flat Earth Nassau

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/09/2018 05:39:00 AM |
I wrote some things about Irving Azoff, buying out Dolan's Oakview, but still not there yet because Dolan's Newsday flunkies can't write about Dolan business & stay employed & this is well above Irving Azoff's net worth.

Baumbach wrote for 2 years Dolan was a major part of Belmont. Many outlets called this Dolan's arena & he was competing against Steinbrenner.

Newsday did not sell Irving Azoff's Belmont arena this hard in their newspaper with no details since summer 2016, everyone employed there waived the pom poms like their job depended on it, right Arthur Staple?

Here is Oakview group: Depending on what you believe Tim Leiweke has no money, he's like Yormark and works for rich people. Lukko works for Panthers and has less money than Garth Snow

All the serious money behind Oakview was Dolan until this.

Also Richard Browne of Sterling enterprises (Wilpon) said Dolan's Oakview is landlord, NYI are his 41 day tenant, so all this "Islanders arena" stuff was just a lie always, it was for Azoff's 110 music acts.

And as I wrote last year Azoff's estimated worth is 100 million with some newer estimates at 300 to 350 million, one at 45 million. Even if bottomless pockets Silver Lake gave Azoff money to buyout Dolan, that's a ton of debt here & in Seattle where money is needed immediately to spend 700 million to renovate a relic arena.

And people better start warming up that economic miracle where Fred (Sterling enterprises) Wilpon & Saul Katz spend a billion dollars to pay for an Islanders arena when they can't develop at Willets Point or Shea lot, and who's real estate claim to fame is Madoff field via taxpayers.

Wake me when Dolan's media has to write more about Dolan, and where he stands in New York Arena Partners? Baumbach likely was terrified & begging permission to even write his tweet in fear of being fired or off hauling newspapers in college point while NY Times prints/distributes Newsday while Pat Dolan is suing Altice for cutting News12LI staff and dropping Altice Optimum & putting up a new paywall at Newsday.

As for the attendance Barclay's first two years outdrew 16/25 years at Nassau & tied six others without Sat games with the Ranger fans in media since 2012 acted like they did when Trottier was announced as their coach & it had to be ended as quickly as possible.

Kind of like how thirty year Ranger flunkie Mark Herrmann is good with the New York Islanders as the little LI brother, but anything else does not work for him and does not belong, despite all the negativity from him  (and others) it was working better than Nassau which always lost money.

This unheard of two arena split drastically hurts Barclay's viability, turns them into a lame duck, and keeps the people who liked going there from NYC & were getting into hockey from being part of something that ends 2/28/19 of course  Yormark wants them in his Nassau facility for this final year they still have to likely pay them their 53 million less expenses.

Beyond that we don't have any clue of a lease in Nassau beyond this one year.

Bottom line they need to be in a NYC facility like 30 other teams have said they need a city-based arena to survive financially. (Ottawa-Arizona) As for the LI flat earth society of people under thirty who ignore the Coliseum was empty by 1989 with Arbour-Torrey, Wang could not invite every school for second game, even a Ranger game in 2011 drew only 11,000.  Those fans live in a world demanding 1980 ticket prices, free parking, and a max payroll to show up a few weekends. That's how they lost the team in the first place between voting no for the Coliseum, and yes to Kate Murray, there is no rational discussion for them, it's this way or no team at all while they crawl to New Jersey & pretend those teams are NY.

And we all know how the LI fans filled the building for game two in Oct 2013-14 with Tavares, after making the playoffs with half of them likely coming out from NYC. I know they don't like those images, truth bothers many of them, hard as I tried to pushed people to go or lose team permanently for countless years before 2011.

I understand you don't like reading how Nassau cannot support a team, and will go bankrupt there because fans won't go to games or spend money on tickets, never did after 1989. No more cups, we're done, it started long before Milbury. It would not shock me if Malkin-Ledecky looked at Nassau
pre-sales and pulled plug on locker rooms with Yormark doing all he can not to host them anywhere after this season. They will get their 13,000 for first game, after that we all know the history on weeknights.

Let's hope Dolan is entirely out, and this team can build a NYC home where they need to be for any long-term financial success, lot's of room at Shea/Sunnyside sites for rail, road, retail without some place in the wilderness that will take double time on the current spur vs reaching Barclay's until 2032 at earliest.

Take away Barclay's distractions fueled by Dolan's biased media & people will come, it worked better than anything since 1989 without the needed diet of Sat night games.

Bruins had the same problems for sixty years. Dolan's taxpayer funded building has the same obstructed seats & ice issues, but their media hides it, like all the money that flows from Cuomo to his tax exemption, Penn Station, Lhota for his subways, Percoco, Silver's past money.

Meanwhile the people who need paychecks will do what they are told.