Lehner Wins, Trotz passes Al....

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Happy New Year...

The Kid Who Had The Hat-Trick....New York 4, Toronto 0

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New York On/Off Ice Notables

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We know what it takes 15-17 over five hundred, to sit in the same bubble at 2-5 over will not produce a playoff spot.

As for off the ice, the Dolan's smear campaign against Barclay's & the silence (not in 2011 to kill referendum/2013 to give Dolan the Coliseum) are all right on schedule, we'll see where Oakview gets all this money from (without Dolan) as big problems are happening with rising cost in Seattle, and the main contractor quitting. And I found Oakview's New York City office at 920 Broadway, where the Florida Panthers employee, Peter Lukko, is telling us how NYI will be staffing as the team's business ops will no longer be done by BSE after this season. When all these town halls are done, it's about time we get the real details on this white elephant arena, two trains, which will take an hour just to transfer at Jamaica, the horrible condition of that lot, and the congested Cross Island Parkway, a horrible place for an arena with Shea Site shovel ready in May. Once the games pick up in Nassau and the novelty wears off & the already empty rows become even more noticeable, you can bet these owners are going to have second thoughts about their stakeholders.

NY Notables

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On the ice, not much to write, very little has changed. Trotz system is keeping shots way down, but price is less offense/shots with a team 31st.

The powerplay has been a big problem, it's on coaching/players to produce. Winning games based on Cizikas/Martin scoring is not going to be enough. Lehner has first major clunker since coming here, what do you want me to write about giving up only 17 shots against a good team, playing well?

It is the right direction for sustained success, last year winning 5-4, 4-3, 6-5, was going to collapse with all the 40-50 shot games against.

NY is 4th in shot disparity at -120, some teams are -200/Ottawa -300. Carolina is plus 300 so it's just a number.

Obviously the NYI are not on pace to give up over 2900 shots this season at a little over 800. 

Trotz is an excellent coach, he explains what he's doing/why in a way people/players should understand. The powerplay issues are on him, not anyone on his staff.

Bottom line, the goal is to make the playoffs. Sitting in that 2-3-4 games over mark it's not going to happen. The days of five seeds coming from this division are over, likely will be only three seeds.  Math says fifteen to seventeen over to be the 8th seed, someone will get red hot, it will take a winning streak just to stay in the mix with that team.

Greiss is not a long-term #1, his career resume speaks for itself.

What you hope is a bunch of players find their game in this system like Beauvillier did. The UFA clock is ticking on Lee, Nelson, Eberle. No one of value is signing up to play in Nassau County, in a place where revenue steams are terrible, and the pockets of empty seats after only two games are very visible.

And those fans don't care about what Barlcay's gave them to fund a 70 million payroll, they expect the Nassau Coliseum to produce the same payroll, in a building now designed to produce 1972 revenue streams.

Management did all they could to make Barclay's a lame-duck, it would have worked long term until a NYC home was built, as it worked/outdrew Nassau in 15-16-17.

Transaction Day/Injury Updates

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Bode Wilde Signs ELC With New York

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