More Work To Be Done For NY....But

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/29/2019 12:02:00 AM |

The needle moved forward, with everything going against them.

Updated 3/30 before games: As for magic numbers-Montreal 2. (remember 2006-07 NYI faced a bad scenario & beat out Leafs/Habs) Worst case ROW/tied Columbus 4. Carolina 5. Pens 7. Caps need 5 to beat out NYI.

Other teams did not get one two day break from 3/1-4/2, and not first time 7 other teams in this division had it much easier in terms of rest.
One two day break from 3/1-4/2. Rangers just got 3 off days at home. 11 Ranger games this ssn at home playing teams who had a game the night before & traveled. 16/22 points.
DEC 2017. Seven teams with several breaks of 2-3-4 days off. Not NYI. Why?

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