Back To Work NY Final Numbers/Seeding/Lehner/Tavares/Gillies

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/02/2019 06:06:00 AM |

As always, expect nothing to be easy or little scoreboard help, that's not been the trend in this conference vs west where a spot would have been clinched long ago as things turn to seeding.

We'll likely have a good idea when NY takes the ice against red-hot Florida. Sure it's easy to point to games like Detroit/Leafs or a few other games where points were lost, but here's reality.

Nassau Failed, and not just at the gate with few real sellouts/excuses for 11,000 at games, let's see some weeknight games in October-November, and give Barclay's Saturday games.

Robin Lehner is a nice man, sympathetic/rooting for him completely off-ice, but this is an on-ice result business.  Like what we see all around NHL the team needs a true #1 who can play 55-60 games, or what many top goalies do. Not a fan of his comments about Sabres or their media, he went there twice earlier, and had many nice things to say, this was just a distraction not needed which for me as a fan is somewhat of a red flag.  My honest impression of both goalies were their historic success was a by-product of a team buying into a system, no doubt it's been remarkable/special.

Ok, now they finally get a 2 day break, the road to the Stanley Cup goes through Barclay's which produced the better record/31 over since going there, but that's well down the road still. Those twelve points did not come from Nassau. Trotz was not thrilled with Nassau fans over booing.

Obviously, I stand with Gillies, who know's where this team would be with a good return for Tavares if he had been up-front/expressed doubts about staying.

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