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New York Islander Fan Central | 4/09/2019 07:42:00 AM |

Ultimately the better team will likely win, games are won on ice, not social media. Time to sit back & enjoy the playoffs for both NY/Bridgeport. The plan is watch series, then when it's over write about it. If NYI advance will do the same thing for each round.

What I can write is based on both teams seasons. NY again on the same schedule with no breaks, playing every other day has to become the team they were when they were getting days off, allowing 20-25 shots, either that or we have to hope for the Penguins team that goes from first to last, with an ability to struggle badly on defense, and allow bad goals. The other version of Pens that can become unbeatable, could make it very tough on NY to go with Lehner's playoff inexperience/soft goals where they may well need a 1-0, 2-1 win.
The same will be done on twitter, which is now private as in the past.