New York Schedule/Tavares Eliminated

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/24/2019 03:05:00 AM |

Ok, we have a schedule, question is who/where. Carolina is the faster/more scary team with a never say die approach that should be familiar because they made qualifying hell for NYI, and would just not go away with a load of young talent/skill. Washington's got the experience/the Stanley Cup (we got coach) but we also have the one shutout down there, and the one in the garbage game for them to close the season.

I don't know, rules say in a series where home team wins every game, they usually win game 7, Carolina had their overtime game in Washington and lost, but you still have to play the game.

Gut tells me Carolina more dangerous/younger team with ton of chemistry vs Washington's mileage, but you also want home ice in NYC. We have no idea what NYI team we will see in round two, but they played 82 games, and never lost more than two in regulation, even with 7/10 day breaks.

Wanted arrogant Leafs, and their media out with Tavares, this one was personal after he not only walked but left NYI with no return because of his lies for two years. Thrilled it happened, and he only had one goal against a goalie.

Unbiased person who wrote entries here last season, spring, June/July had major questions about his skating, defense, impact on games in third period when he had to be the best player. Saw same thing on 3-1 goal that turned game, he lost puck, tried a poke check, slowed down and quit on Kuraly, you can see him coasting when the goal was scored, far behind. This was the movie I saw last season.

Gone Leafs sympathy for their media arrogance & disrespect for Lamoriello/NYI beating them out in regular season & playoffs.

And color me stunned at sales for Barclay's second round games selling so well, they won't sell outside Metro area for a franchise that drew 11,000 for Ottawa in first place in Nassau.

Some talks with Joe Tsai of Nets, a little NYC branding, and a renovation of some seats & I'm good where they are for twenty years at Barclay's where corporate money is with a city full of NYI fans already.