New York Eliminated

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/03/2019 09:36:00 PM |

What do you want me to write?

Felt officiating decided first two games, and handed Canes the 2-1 goal in game three. But past that Aho made a great play to pick puck out of mid-air, and center it for the 3-2 goal, and we got the first big sign of trouble, what was expected. 14-2 Canes in shots, and closed out game easily.

Then, with Carolina getting healthy we all saw what I wrote about before the series, and why I felt Carolina could win in five, their speed/skill did to NY, what they did to Washington in Carolina, and what they did for months, just not losing, making it hell for NY to clinch a spot. Then they put up a never say die series with Caps where they just would not go away, even down in game seven in the third period. Look at that 4-1 goal, elevated pass, redirected out of mid-air, great play by Canes. Too bad Pelech put in 1-1 goal, but their skill forced that.

It was a bad match-up for NYI, my entries reflected my concern.

NY did what they could in the third down 4-1, could not break through, then a breakdown 5-1. Nelson made it 5-2 at the end.

The injuries/officiating helped Canes win at least 2/3 early games, game four after the first period, it was basically over. Their speed/skill was too much, the hole too deep, it was time for Carolina to show what they have done for months, and they did.

NY gave up no goals for 60 minutes of game one, the call against Lee was a joke, game two they allowed 18 shots, Towes did not kick the puck on goal.

More in the coming days, end of an excellent season. There was a lot to proud of here, but it should not have ended here, with officiating playing a major role. I'm bitter about how the officiating decided two games outright, and handed Carolina a big goal in game three where a player grabbed the puck, and carried it with a closed hand.

We'll see if Lamoriello decides to return, he has nothing left to prove, and did a fantastic job. Trotz should win the Jack Adams easily.